Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really no up-front fees?

Yes. We waive the cost of building your website. No gimmicks; just a legitimate 100% custom website designed by experienced industry professionals in the United States. You’ll save thousands of dollars and dozens of hours.

How experienced is your team?

We've completed more than 1,500 projects, have clients all over the globe, and have been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, Grammy Award winning musicians, politicians, celebrities, mega-churches, highly funded venture-capital backed start-ups, and more. Our team is diversely talented, experienced, and has a track record that can rival practically any development firm in North America.

How does PageLynx make money?

You pay a monthly marketing and management fee. Typically, it is $198 per month, depending on how much you're looking to spend on marketing.

What is included with the website?

A 100% professionally developed custom website built specifically for you. We consider your existing branding, goals, content, marketing budget, and more, to craft a website, maintenance, and ongoing marketing campaign engineered for your company.

Will my website work on phones?

Yes. Everything we build is done responsively, meaning it will automatically adapt to work on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

How does the process work?

Get in touch with us. From there, our consultants will help you put together a website strategy and draft a contract. We then design mockups, get your approval, and develop everything. Once done, we test it, back it up, launch it, then continue with hosting, management, and your marketing campaign. Learn more about our process.

How long does it take to build the website?

We will have a coming soon placeholder page up within 24 hours. The website itself will typically take 2-3 weeks. It could be faster, or take a little longer. It depends since we need feedback from you on content, mockup approvals, revisions, and so on.

Don't professional sites cost thousands of dollars?

Typically, yes. There's nothing wrong with that! Our parent company offers in depth consulting and concierge development services for higher end projects that often involve a lot of custom programming. Custom informational websites often cost $2,500 - $10,000 or so; sometimes more. With PageLynx, the money you'd typically spend on your website gets put towards maintenance and marketing instead.

What kind of marketing do you include?

We tackle the on-site SEO once the project is completed which includes meta titles, meta descriptions, robots files, sitemap creation, headings, content optimization, and manual submission to the search engines. We then deploy an inbound one-way link campaign to help bolster your website based around specific keywords / phrases that are important to you. Beyond that, we also incorporate optimization for maps, local results, and more. Our reporting is top of the line and we also implement traditional monitoring tools like Google Analytics. Of course, we can crank it up a notch and do other ad campaigns as well.

What is the contract term?

Our basic term is 12 months. After the first year, we continue to work with you month-to-month for the same ongoing management fee. You can also add or drop marketing services at any time.

Can I update my website once it's built?

Yes, you have the ability to manage content on your own if you'd like. You can also have us do it for you as part of your ongoing management. After (4) years, we'll even reboot the website upon request and build you a brand-new one! If you need significant updates beforehand, we can do that too!

Can't I build a website for free using a site builder tool?

Sure, but those clunky do-it-yourself site builders aren't even a close comparison to what you get with PageLynx. First, you'll need to invest dozens of hours into building it and have some digital-know-how. Second, you'll be on a leased platform you'll never own. Third, it will be highly restricted as to what you can do with it. Fourth, the hosting, marketing, and ongoing maintenance and support wouldn't be included. When you add all that up, you'll end up spending the same or more each month than if you just let the professionals handle it in the first place. Why labor over a lesser product? That's just not smart business.